Fish vs. Crabs Online Demo Page

Last Update: Feb 23, 2014


  • Click and drag on the sea floor to move around the scene.
  • Click on the arrows on the left or right to rotate around the scene. Press and hold the arrows to rotate more freely.
  • Click on the +/- buttons on the left or right to zoom in or out. Press and hold to zoom all the way in or out.
  • Right click to enter full screen mode
  • Click the building stones to place a tower.
  • The Mouse wheel¬†will zoom in or out, depending on the browser. On some browsers the mouse wheel is not passed to the unity plugin and will, instead, scroll the browser window. So far this seems isolated to some browsers on Mac.
  • Mouse Next/Previous will rotate left/right

Keyboard Controls

  • Numbers 0 – 9 are hot keys to towers. Use Ctrl-0 – Ctrl-9 to re-assign the tower hot keys
  • [ and ] rotate left and right
  • + and – zoom in and out